Personal Bests All Runs Casual D2 Grail
Class Tracker Current Level Time Spent Death Count
Amazon 6 0:30 0
Assassin Link 89 61:00 0
Barbarian 23 4:30 0
Druid 17 2:00 0
Necromancer 32 10:00 0
Paladin 47 14:30 0
Sorceress 1 0:00 0
Shared Link 92:30 0

Personal Ruleset
  1. Find and collect every unique and set item in the game

  2. All characters are played on hardcore.

  3. Every character is entirely self found meaning that I'm effectively running 7 grails.

  4. When duplicate items are found on a given character, I can hand off that duplicate to the shared stash and it acts like its own grail. The shared stash is not to be shared with characters, just to keep me feeling like I still make overall progress when characters die.

  5. When a character dies, I lose all unshared progress for that class. I'll likely start to keep a history of progress made on given characters over time once I take my first death.

  6. In all honesty, I don't have any intention of actually finishing this in any reasonable period of time. I'll likely jump between characters, take deaths, take long breaks, etc.