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Title Platform Completed Rating Vods Review
Dragon Quest XI PC 2019-08-04 10 One of the best games I've ever played. Played with 4 of the 6 draconian options and loved the difficulity it gave. The absolute perfect amount of content. Great characters, great story, great battle system, I just loved this so much.
Octopath Traveler Switch 2019-08-01 5 I started this many many months ago but never finished. Every time I think about coming back to it, I just kind of dread it, so I'm calling this one done. I got about 40-50 hours in and just found the game extremely repetitive. No character interaction, stories not interconnected, town, problem, dungeon, boss over and over. It was alright, just not fun enough to keep going.
Phantasy Star IV PC 2019-05-03 5 Had some nice mechanics that I enjoyed which helped to differentiate it a bit from some of the other games from the same era. Dungeon crawling felt a bit repetitive over time.
Breath of Fire 2 SNES 2019-04-27 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 Played on the translation patch. Felt like a small upgrade to Breath of Fire 1 in all ways. Heavy feeling story, but it was a refreshing change from the general feel of SNES games.
Persona 5 PS4 2019-04-19 10 After getting a PS4 earlier this year, I knew this was going to be one of the first titles I picked up. I don't believe I've ever spent this much time on a single player title like this. 85 hours later, I wish it didn't have to end.
Rocket League PC 2019-03-08 9 I never really finished this game. I have 500 hours in this game. I can't stop playing. Send help.
Diablo PC 2019-03-08 6 I played this game as a kid but didn't really remember much of it. When it released on GOG, I knew I had to try it again. It's a short title, but it was a blast to play it again.
Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair PC 2019-02-18 7 More of the same from the first game. And that's what I was looking for. Ending was a bit weak.
The Last of Us PS4 2019-01-13 8 I've always been a sucker for these style of games. The linear game with intense story and lore just sucks me in. I was captivated from start to finish.
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc PC 2018-12-01 7 First experience both with an anime style game and a whodunnit mystery style game. Definitely enjoyed it.
Grand Theft Auto V PC 2018-11-12 4 Had a hard time getting into this one. About 15 hours I just found myself getting bored with it.
Hollow Knight Switch 2018-09-01 6
The Witcher 3 PC 2018-08-01 10
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Switch 2018-04-01 7
Stardew Valley Switch 2018-03-01 7
Celeste Switch 2018-02-01 6
DOOM (2016) PC 2017-05-11 8 Hadn't played a doom game since the original. Had the original feel but with the kind of updates you'd expect. Super fun the entire time.
Fallout 4 PC 2016-06-28 8 Went in expecting a mediocre game from all the disappointed reviews, but was pleasantly surprised.